Paper bags and Duro

Paper bags from Duro are economical, can be recycled, and save time for retailers.

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Labor Day

Today is Labor Day here in the USA. It’s the unofficial end of summer. I hope everyone had a terrific summer. And that you have a great fall.

Charles Shor

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Paper Handle Bags With 6 Colors

This may not be earth shattering to most of the world, but within the paper bag industry, Duro’s new six color handle bags are a great innovation. We took our existing patents, and improved on our machines capabilities. This allowed 6 color printing on a handle bag. No one else in the entire world can print paper bags like these.

6 color paper handle bags

This was our first example. Thanks and a ‘job well done’ go out to Rob Arnold and our engineering team in Alsip, Illinois. This is a great addition to Duro’s full line of paper bags.

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Duro has the only 100% Recycled Paper Bag in the USA

Duro Bag has quietly been committed to the environment for a long time. Lately, with all the talk about banning plastic bags in favor of paper bags in communities such as San Francisco, people are starting to notice Duro’s leadership in sustainability and ecology.

With cities and municipalities all around the world contemplating plastic bag bans or beginning to charge consumers for their use, Duro Bag Mfg. Co. has introduced the only 100% Recycled Paper Handle Bag available in North America. It had been in the planning stages even before these debates and laws began. This paper bag is perfect for those retailers faced with the need to provide environmentally-sensitive alternatives as well as for anyone who wants to help the environment.

I’m proud to be a part of this movement which will help the earth for generations to come.

Charles Shor

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Paper Bags, not plastic, in California

Recently, San Francisco voted to ban plastic bags from supermarkets and pharmacies. This is just the beginning of a trend back toward paper bags. People are starting to realize that the price of a plastic bag does not end with the purchase. It continues on with a price paid by generations to come as they pollute the environment. Duro applauds the San Francisco community for choosing to ban plastic bags.

Charles Shor

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